The Future of The Real Estate Industry

Real Estate

The Security Token Academy had its first Los Angeles Meet-Up at Sonoma Wine Gardens in Santa Monica, CA. The outdoor event was perfect for a summer’s night by the sea and attracted a savvy crowd eager to engage in the rich conversation. I was invited to speak as a residential agent in a discussion of real estate industry changes from blockchain technology. As an agent, I discussed how the tokenization of real estate would open new entry points for millennials in difficult marketplaces such as Los Angeles.


I enjoyed speculating about what the catalyst for real estate’s entry into the blockchain industry and crypto community would be. Tools used in the real estate industry to manage deals and paperwork are completely out of date. I pointed out how archaic the system is within our own business and government. Signatures, paperwork, and wire frauds cause many issues, however, they can be all but eliminated with blockchain technology. Updating these tools with blockchain technology will help to bring adoption to the mass market. I even suggested that these changes could be so slight that people would not even realize they are making the transition to Blockchain. I firmly believe that blockchain would make real estate a smoother and more secure industry for everyone.

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#SecurityTokenLA Meetup. You’ll hear from attendees and learn about the tokenization of real estate from:

Andrew Jewett, Founder, Aperture Real Estate & Property Coin

Paul Monsen, Co-Founder, Digital Asset Advisors

Lauren Biedenharn, Founder, Team Glasses, LLC